February 15, 2016


FORT offers fully integrated functionality for all critical UPS print and tracking related services. Anyone using the FORT platform can easily print their own UPS labels for all service levels, right from their own printer.

The UPS Ready® Program empowers leading companies with the ability to integrate UPS functionalities and services into their solutions. UPS Ready providers can enhance the solutions they provide their customers by leveraging the offerings and resources of UPS, the world’s largest package delivery company, and a premier global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services.

The UPS Ready Program supports UPS’s vision of synchronized commerce as the next evolution of global commerce in which goods, information, and funds are seamlessly connected to benefit customers worldwide.

The UPS Ready Program is designed to enable the success of each provider, incorporating the following goals:

  • Provide a positive shipping experience to our mutual business customers who want to utilize UPS services through provider solutions;
  • Assist providers in leveraging the UPS brand through marketing activities;  
  • Promote providers who incorporate UPS functionality into solutions used by our mutual customers
  • The Program features four provider categories to identify each participant's functional specialty:
    • Application Providers — developers and marketers of customer-facing business software solutions which integrate UPS products, technologies or services
    • Marketplace Providers — developers of trading mechanisms, such as e-commerce sites and web portals, which connect buyers and sellers who require shipping services to complete their transactions
    • Service Providers — supply chain integration specialists who combine UPS technologies with third-party applications to create unified, integrated systems
    • Technology Providers — developers and marketers of value-added products or functionality, which complements UPS products, technologies or services

As an approved UPS Ready provider, FORT is entitled to various program benefits regarding Marketing, Sales, Relationship Management, Technology and Certification support.

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