October 7, 2014

Shipping Applications

FORT Systems technology

While FORT has its roots in the wine industry, our core shipping functionality is now used in several other industries as well. The platform is utilized by various product sellers, marketers, dropshippers, loyalty marketers, and others. Basically, anyone who ships packages out to their customers is a potential user of the system.

The FORT System is built for seamless and fully integrated management of dropshipping. For marketers offering products from multiple fulfillers, FORT provides the deep, critical functionality required to ensure proper "cubing" of all order data (converting order data into package data), accurate routing, effortless label generation for fulfillers, and full visibility into the Package Life Cycle.

When a customer places a single order on your website for 10 products which come from 5 separate fulfillers, the FORT System automatically cubes and routes each fulfiller’s portion of the order to the appropriate warehouse location, allowing you to easily monitor the progress of each individual package. Detailed reconciliation (accounts payable) reports sum totals owed to each fulfiller, making regular payments a snap.

For dropship fulfillers, the FORT platform offers unparalleled ease of management. All of your orders—from any number of sources—can be routed to a single fulfillment portal. Integration with all major couriers ensures efficient label generation from your own computer to any printer.

  • Customers place orders on your site; FORT routs them automatically to the appropriate fulfiller(s)
  • Fulfillers are notified, print out orders, and tracking numbers appear in the order detail view, along with regular package status updates
  • Products are shipped directly to your customer with your company name and logo on the packing slip
  • Zero manual work in routing orders to multiple fulfillers, and each package is accounted for with a tracking number

For more information about this program and the range of available options, please contact us.

Shipping Flexibility

Warehouse packagesEasy Order Data Import/Export. Transparent data transmission is a prerequisite for any shipping platform, especially when your clients all have different systems with varying requirements. FORT has clean APIs that streamline order and tracking data transmission, and allow all of your clients to see package statuses in real time.

Tighter Control for Dropshipping. If you ship product for other sellers, you are probably used to receiving order data in different formats, and may need different methods for getting tracking data back to each seller.  With FORT, all of this is managed on a single platform, and tracking data is fed back to the seller in real time, along with regular package status updates from the courier.

Quick Ramp Time. FORT's SaaS platform makes getting set up and started a very fast process.  You can be up and running in days, far faster than you would with traditional systems, and for a fraction of the cost.  With FORT you get a proven, scalable platform, regular free updates and new releases, and a simple, intuitive interface.

Fast and Accurate Printing. Whether you're shipping 10 packages or 10,000, you want label printing to be quick, easy, and accurate.  FORT's proprietary technology ensures this while minimizing the possibility for errors, mis-shipments, duplicates, etc.

Manage Communication with Customers.  If you are using FORT to run your warehouse fulfillment business, your clients can log in and fully manage communication with their own customers.  They can customize and set email notifications based on several different triggers, such as package scan, delivery attempts, exception, etc.

FORT's industry leading SaaS platform has processed millions of transactions for customers all over the world, and we continue every day to make it simpler and even more powerful.