March 31, 2016


Supporting every aspect of the order cycle

FORT has designed its platform to provide critical support for all stages of the order and package life cycle.  This ranges from powerful and nimble fulfillment tools to reporting, invoicing and package tracking all the way to exposure through new market channels.

Fulfillment Management
Manage packages, shipping, tracking, and inventory from anywhere
Order Management
Dynamic and powerful features allow multiple fulfillers, inventory locations, automated compliance checks, and more
Manage all state permits, reports, and associated licensing requirements
FORT Exchange
An efficient, business-to-business marketplace connecting buyers and sellers

FORT's services range from cloud-based applications to supply chain infrastructure and logistics management.  FORT serves a wide range of companies, including warehouses, Third Party Fulfillers (3PLs), suppliers, importers, wholesalers, retailers, marketers, brokers, loyalty companies, manufacturers, and several others. 

FORT Services