March 25, 2021

FORT Family

FORT Family

FORT Applications: The connective tissue of commerce

The FORT applications can each be used as standalone modules, but they are all integrated and ultimately emerge from the same core area of focus: connecting buyers and suppliers.

Built on top of FORT's powerful Fulfillment Management System, the additional FORT modules offer buyers and sellers tools they need to connect and help their businesses grow.

  • 3PL Platform: FORT began building out its core platform over 15 years ago, and we continue to enhance and add functionality every month
  • Exchange platform: The Exchange provides an easy way for suppliers and wholesalers to create trade orders, or for retail customers to order directly
  • FORT Ship: FORT Ship streamlines key WMS functionality to provide a quick and easy shipping tool for producers, manufacturers, marketers, and any company that regularly ships packages
  • FORT Metrix: With significant amounts of order data, FORT Metrix provides invaluable business intelligence insights to all companies who ship product

FORT Warehouse

FORT's warehouse platform was built from the beginning as a Third Party Logistics (3PL) platform.  It is a multi-tenant system, allowing a single warehouse company to manage hundreds of clients with individualized rate schedules, billing terms, in/out, receiving, and storage fees, etc.  Enterprise scale power at an extremely low price.


While FORT Warehouse is unrivaled in its price/performance, many companies do not need a full warehouse platform.  Rather, they need an efficient way to manage and ship the many packages they have every day.  FORT Ship streamlines shipping to its core, and delivers a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution for any company that ships.

FORT Exchange

In many industries today, it is difficult for all but the largest suppliers to gain significant distribution, and to capture the attention of wholesale partners.  FORT Exchange focuses on several key features to help address this, including its own robust fulfillment management system, a national network of wholesalers and freight forwarders, and on easy B2B ordering.

FORT Metrix

Professional buyers have never been busier, and critical market intelligence data has never been more important.  Through its own platform and other strategic partnerships, FORT Metrix provides access to unparalleled volumes of market data, and can provide critical insights to help keep you well ahead of your competitors.